Happy New Year! What’s your resolution? What are you going to change this year?

I’m getting back into the tech field. Many of you know I’ve been creating websites & online apps since the mid 90’s. I had a handful of paying contract jobs (maybe a dozen), but it was mainly a hobby. This year, that’s finally changing.

After Fuhu went bankrupt, I found the University of Arizona’s Coding Boot Camp program and jumped in as soon as I could. It’s finally time to turn this fun passion into a lifelong career. As of this writing, we’ve completed 9 of the 24 weeks; graduation is mid-April. I’ve been putting all of my energy and focus into the program, and the results are stunning. I don’t mean that as bragging, and please don’t take it that way – when I look back, I’m stunned at how far I’ve come in only 2 months! This is an amazing program with an outstanding teaching staff, and I’m hoping to land a job before graduating if possible.

This weekly blog will basically chronicle my progress through the rest of the program. I’ll explore what frustrations I’ve met, how obstacles were overcome, and what new tech I’ve been able to learn in the short span of 7 days. I’ll also try to link some deployed code when possible.

I hope it’s an insightful journey into an aspiring web developer’s change!