The Coding Boot Camp I’m attending demands a lot of time and attention to detail, both inside and outside the classroom. A few weeks ago, my climbing time totals surpassed 40 hours outside of class in a single week – that’s in addition to 10 classroom hours and 3 office hours.

I hope I don’t need to further describe the passion I have for breaking into this industry.

Define The Problem

In my life, I work a full time job that includes a 60-minute drive each way. I also have a part-time job, and I’m completing this class on top of both. This isn’t a pity party; it’s simply my reality. I’m also in the middle of packing and moving, which adds yet one more thing on my very tall stack of plates. Oh – and my resume needs attention.

The course allows me to skip 2 of the 24(-ish) homework assignments without penalty. So far, I’ve managed to turn in every single project early and maintained perfect A+ grades across them all. I’m seriously considering skipping this one, just so I can give myself a restart and not get further behind. But I hate not having my work done.

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Reach The Solution

I’m pressing on. This week’s assignment is getting done. It might not have the flashy front-end presentation that my projects typically include, but the coding will be solid, and it will function as intended. A few of my boxes might not be packed quite as neatly as the others, but they will get moved.

I can catch the highlights of the Super Bowl – and its commercials – on YouTube throughout the next week.

The resume is still on the to-do list, but we’re starting week 14 of a 24 week course. If it doesn’t get completed immediately, I’ll survive. Whatever it takes, my work will be completed and work as intended. This is a life-changing event for me.

Press on!