Welcome to Handlebars JS! I am madly in love with Handlebars. This is the greatest node package that I’ve seen thus far – and we’ve worked with some outstanding ones. As we’re getting into the new package functionality, let’s take a look back at the past few weeks.

As I mentioned in the previous entry, I started encountering some time management issues. On Super Bowl Sunday, I locked myself in a room without a TV for 9 hours and churned out the final result. The Friend Finder app works as intended without any known bugs. It lacks some of the shiny polish that I enjoy adding as a graphic designer, but the coding functionality is solid.

I’ve Missed My Images

Before Friend Finder, we spent a month working on CLI apps with no GUI. That’s a lot of time creating apps without graphics. My first Handlebars full stack app takes burger orders and serves them up. The app needs to look fantastic! In addition to my pseudocode, I’ve also created some initial graphics for my burger shop, which I’ve called “Steve’s Sliders” as part of a Bob’s Burgers parody.

Steve's Sliders

In addition to the main title screen, I’ve also created my own image files for 2 other elements. I’ll build them by adding the top section, then the center content (which includes my database text content) will have a 1px tall background image extending the height of the element, and finally the bottom of the image will appear. Each element will have 0px margins, padding, and borders so my element doesn’t have a vertical gap in the middle of it.

What’s Next?

I’m not sure what the background will look like; it will probably be a generic bar area with the menu items in the background, but I need it to look correct for mobile environments. I might just make it a solid color, or a colored bead board.

On top of that, I’m building the Handlebars app itself. I’m also trying to write my own ORM instead of downloading one so I will know exactly how it functions. I want to go beyond the requirements and include the ability to save all custom-created burgers, have multiple people be able to order the same burger, and use the ordered items as dishes to be cleaned instead of simply burgers to check off the list. That will require a 2nd MySQL table.

I’m incredibly excited to complete and share Steve’s Sliders! I’m also looking forward to using more Handlebars JS moving forward. As someone who comes from a PHP background, I’m incredibly excited to use multiple partials while also updating individual items inside my files!