Last week, I created one of the most complicated and difficult apps I’ve ever written. It was a full stack Node JS app called Steve’s Sliders. The functionality wasn’t terribly impressive, as it was more of a tech demo than anything else – but the engine under the hood was unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

The app used MySQL for data storage, which I’ve been using for decades. But the server calls used a custom written ORM, linked to a controller, and finally orchestrated by my burgers model as part of a Model-View-Controller technique. It also used custom API endpoints for sending data to MySQL instead of direct code; all of these elements are new for me.

The next project was to update the same app from vanilla MySQL to a Node Sequelize version. I have never been so excited for a new technology in my entire life.

Entire files – and 2 full directories – were thrown in the trash during the transition. Only a few lines of additional code were added instead. The resulting server is significantly more stable than the previous version. The list of improvements could be miles long.

I’m always looking forward to learning new technologies and techniques, but Sequelize might be my favorite of anything we’ve learned thus far. I’m excited to keep pressing forward with it – at least, until MongoDB shows up next month!