As I’m writing this, I have just completed my latest project, an eSports News Web Scraper. It pulls headlines from a site and lets me record my thoughts, as well as keeping my favorites within easy reach. Everything is stored in a MongoDB database.

Steve's eSports Scraper

This project challenged me in more ways that any previous coding project I’ve done before. First, I was under a tight 1-week deadline to build everything from scratch. I have a full time job (which demanded some mandatory overtime this week) and a part time job already – and I’m currently in escrow on both the house that I’m buying and the one I’m selling & living in!

I had the ability to skip this project with no penalty, but I’ve been wanting to use Mongo for months, and I wasn’t going to let the chance pass me by. I got together with a couple coding friends on a few different occasions, and we overcame some of our struggles together. We had to find a site to scrape that we enjoyed the content from, the Cheerio node package doesn’t like scraping from React sites, I couldn’t reliably dictate where in the div to pull from the children method vs. the find method for awhile, and I spent more time than I care to admit to debugging the wrong file and wondering why my changes didn’t see to do anything.

I’m quite proud of the results! Please let me take you on a guided tour of the project.

The late nights (one session lasted until 3:00 AM) were plentiful, and I spent a few hours sleeping on the couch instead of getting a full night’s sleep in my bed. Oddly, this project energized me more than it drained me! I am so excited to be actively coding again. I literally haven’t had this much energy and excitement since my college days! Knowing that coding revitalizes me instead of drains me helps drive me to push forward into a new career.

I’ve also renewed my passion for front end design. The simplicity of a magazine boxed layout combined with the disruptive diagonals moving in the background resulted in a fun & youthful design; I tried to create a fun & youthful logo to match the page design. I feel it was mostly successful.

This is where I want to be. These are the puzzles my mind wants to solve. This is what my body is willing to lose rest for. I’m incredibly excited for what lies ahead!