Chapter 1

So It Begins

So my goal with this is to create an honest series of what a new hire goes through! I hope it’s a fun read, and maybe even a little helpful along the way. I’ll shoot for recording my first 2 months, and we’ll see what happens. I don’t see this lasting more than a year – after all, I won’t be the new guy at that point.

What would a new adventure be like without a few technical hiccups along the way? I’ve had to reinstall my OS and apps (VS, node, etc) multiple times over the course of 3 days, partially because my laptop wouldn’t charge when it was plugged in! Our outstanding technical support crew immediately fixed the issue and even installed the 2nd monitor and laptop dock I had requested. I had to spend some time managing the wires (a HUGE pet peeve of mine), but now everything works as intended, and my desk area is cleared!


My filing cabinet is locked, and the previous owner didn’t leave me the key! One of our awesome managers (who I had met before being hired) jumped at the chance to help me out. Thanks so much!

I’m really loving the peeps on my team. They’re helpful and patient to a fault, but they still ask for and listen to my input on things I can actually help with (design, CSS, React component placement). I’m really excited to jump in and start contributing – after doing quite a bit of homework on Redux, Docker, Kubernetes, Enzyme, Jenkins, Gitlab CI, and AWS… looks like I have some homework to get started on.

And finally, as my week officially ends, I’m wishing my laptop already included all needed software and tools. We’re struggling to get Docker, Kubectl, and Minikube installed and talking to each other. We’re working through it, and the team is once again being really helpful. But at the end of the day, David made everything worthwhile with a wonderful welcome.


  • I have an amazing team
  • We’re included in all aspects of the team’s work
  • When I had some ideas, they were heard and valued
  • My wonderful manager sets aside time to see where we’re at with everything
  • Wine!


  • It’s the end of the week, and my tools are still not setup
  • So much new learning in a short time – it’s a bit overwhelming!