Chapter 2

The Maze Runner

There is a fantastic book titled The Maze Runner about a young man who is thrown into a brand new environment he’s studied, but never actually been personally involved in. Those around him are welcoming, do their best to explain the entire culture they’ve built for themselves, and introduce the big mystery: The Maze. It’s a giant construct with thousands of moving parts; understanding the design and mapping it out is introduced as the goal. But in order to enter, you have to be well trained and go in with a team.

Today, I feel a lot like the protagonist Thomas, standing in front of the gateway, looking inside the Maze, knowing I’m going inside sooner rather than later.


I’m quite excited to get my first Agile Story today. It should be a relatively simple testing story, but it will be my first real step inside the Maze of API Central, and I couldn’t be happier to get started! I’m happy to add to our team’s production, but it’s more than that. On a personal level, I want to prove to my team – and to myself – that I can do this. Step one is about to begin!

I was able to actually explain the process, the blueprint, and the technical explanations as to what we do here.

If you read Chapter 1 (and please do if you haven’t already), you might remember I had a few issues figuring out where everything was found. It turns out there were 8 (EIGHT!) different sets of instructions out there for setting up a new dev environment, and they all include different steps & requirements! My manager asked us to help compile the most helpful information, create a new document, and implement it to share with future new hires. Other documents would be removed & relinked to the single, central document instead. Hooray! I’m useful! I truly hope the resulting document (which is currently in review, so I can’t link it yet) is helpful to the company moving forward.

I experienced a few more system setup issues early in the week, but they were all resolved with help from the team. I really can’t say enough good things about our team – they’ve really helped explain the process, the requirements, and the expectations.

My team asked me if I was going to a Docker meetup this week; I need to learn it, so I agreed. Turns out Axway was speaking at the event and basically taking ownership! That was news to me. I wrote about it, complete with photos. It was an informative night and a great success!


I also received my first big milestone this week – I was asked by some other coding friends what I do at my new job! I was able to actually explain the process, the blueprint, and the technical explanations as to what we do here. As I listen to myself answer the question, I realize that while I might feel a little lost and overwhelmed, when it comes down to it, my team has prepared me to understand what’s really going on. That was encouraging!

Time to enter the maze.