Arthur Knows
Team Development
React, Express, MongoDB, NodeJS
111 Hours
Arthur Knows

Arthur briefs you on an individual and that individual’s company; the primary intended function is to prepare for meetings with current or prospective clients. Simply include a name, email, and a Twitter handle, and Arthur will do the rest.

Using a variety of APIs and custom data manipulation, Arthur will locate personal information from the target, as well as a photo and the latest social media activity. It will also find the latest news on that individual’s company. Arthur then compiles all of that data in an easy-to-use format.

Arthur can pull most of the information it needs directly out of your Google Calendar, and it stores your results for maximum efficiency the next time you try to search for the same person.

Arthur is a full stack MERN app (Mongo, Express, React, and NodeJS). The file structure adheres to MVC architecture and includes a true client-side & server-side installation. The project uses API calls to the New York Times, Twitter, and Bing, and a custom-built scraper collects the remaining data needed through custom online searches.

Created With React
Full Stack Node Application
Stateless and Stateful Components
Express Server Integration
Parent/Child Stateful Relationships
MVC Architecture
Arthur Knows
Deployed Project
Code Repository
Deprecation Notice

This project has not been maintained since 2018 and might not be functional and/or secure.

Next Steps

Arthur was originally intended to be marketable; however, in the middle of production, multiple social media outlets suddenly and severely altered the data that can be collected through various API routes. I’m quite proud of what Arthur delivered, but when a third-party has the ability to eliminate the data required by our data-driven app, Arthur is no longer available to be developed for public consumption.