Disney Trivia
Solo Developer
setTimeout() Timers & Custom CSS
23 Hours
Disney Trivia

This week’s project involved timers and limits. I built a trivia app where each question only gives you 30 seconds to answer; in addition, the remaining time results in your score if the answer is correct. The timer actually “transfers” to your score, as one decreases while the other increases.

There are actually 3 categories; Disney History, Disneyland Facts, and Disney’s Animated TV Shows. Complete one, and the app will cycle to the next. The app is fully responsive, and the castle appears different depending on the device you use.

Track time limits using setTimeout() and setInterval()
Randomly selected questions & randomly ordered answers
Custom CSS for background castle manipulation on mobile
Bootstrap Styling
Disney Trivia
Disney Trivia
Next Steps

The next item on the list of features was a high score table; I wanted to persistently store each player’s score. Time ran out before I could begin work on the feature. I couldn’t decide whether to let the user choose a category or have the app choose for them & cycle; I ended up with the latter choice, but I wonder if a menu would have been more appealing. Finally, I would have liked to animate fireworks if a certain score was reached.