The Emotional Generator
Solo Developer
AJAX, Eternal APIs, & User Input
11 Hours
The Emotional Generator

The Emotional Generator completes AJAX calls to external APIs. The project’s goal was to take in the returned JSON data, setup a number of images related to the topic, then start & stop the image’s animation with a click.

My topic was varying emotions. I’ve allowed the user to create a new entry, but since I don’t have validation to ensure it’s an emotion, it’s only stored locally. I’ve also chosen to store each of the data-states and links to the still & motion images as part of the div, so it can be reset upon each AJAX request of the JSON data.

AJAX Calls To An External API (GIPHY)
Dynamically Generated Images With Custom Data-Storage
User Generated Entries
Bootstrap Layout Design
Emotional Generator
Emotional Generator
Next Steps

I would enjoy some kind of input validation to make sure the user input is indeed an emotion, and I could save it to the current list of emotions to pick from. The UX is also admittedly a bit bland; I would like to create a background image for the project, and possibly update it based on what emotional state was selected.