Friend Finder
Solo Developer
Express & Node
12 Hours
Friend Finder

Welcome to Friend Finder! Are you lonely? Maybe just bored? Do you want to go hang out, but finding a friend is just too much work? Well I’ve got GOOD NEWS for you! We can find friends for you! Just include a few details about yourself, and we’ll work our magic. Try it for FREE!

Friend Finder is a full stack node app deployed on Heroku. Data is saved on a file, not in a database. It uses Express to configure and operate the server, Body-Parser to pass the json data back and forth between files & functions, and fs to read & write from the data files on the server.

Various routes are setup to complete the survey, view the JSON API, and post data into the app. A general catch-all route will bring all users to the homepage, regardless of the path the user attempts to access.

The app uses Bootstrap for its basic style, and various online personality resources were used to research the 10 best questions to ask. The Chosen plug-in upgraded the look and functionality of the drop-down menu items.

Full Stack Node Application
Express Routing
Server-Side Data Storage
User Input Validation
Friend Finder Code
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Deprecation Notice

This project has not been maintained since 2018 and might not be functional and/or secure.

Next Steps

The code works exactly as expected, although the front-end design leaves something to be desired. Next steps would certainly include a fresh coat of paint on designing the client side interface. Personally, I would prefer a database interaction, but the request specifically called for storage on a server-side file instead.