JS Hold 'Em
Solo Developer
MERN & Evolving AI
26 Hours & Counting (1/9/18)
JS Hold 'Em

The final result of JS Hold ‘Em will be a 2, 3, or 4-player poker game, including human or AI opponents. Players will be able to save their profiles to have persistent cash stacks and game histories, along with achievements earned during gameplay.

The results of every hand will be stored in a database, and the highest level AI will be able to reference this data. The AI will see how often certain hole cards and resulting hands win, and it will bet accordingly. As a result, the more hands that have been played, the more data the AI will have, and the better it will play over time.

JS Hold ‘Em will be a fully deployed MERN project upon completion.

Mongo Database Game & Hand Stats Storage
Real Time Multiplayer Sessions
Dynamic Array Management
AI References Previous Stats To Improve Its Skill
node & Express Handling
JS Hold 'Em
JS Hold 'Em
Deployed Project
Code Repository
Deprecation Notice

This project has not been maintained since 2018 and might not be functional and/or secure.

Next Steps

This is a work in progress. As a personal project, there is currently no estimated completion date.