Solo Developer
node & AJAX
14 Hours

LIRI is your personal assistant of entertainment! From the command prompt, type in your favorite movie, song, or Twitter personality, and LIRI will provide all of the up-to-date information on what you’re looking for!

LIRI is a server-side nodeJS project; it must be run at the command prompt and does not have a client side deployment. You will need to provide your own keys for Spotify and Twitter.

Server Side Node Application
AJAX Calls To External APIs
User Input Validation
Requires Keys For Initialization
Deployed Project

LIRI is server-side only; no deployment available.

Code Repository
Next Steps

I am thrilled with the results of this app. Given more time, I would like to cycle through multiple fonts for the titles, let the user dive deeper into the results he or she is looking for, and include more of the Spotify or OMDB results into some kind of filter, even though all of the data required by the project have been successfully included. Perhaps letting the user select whether they want a song, movie, or Twitter from an inquirer-style menu selection instead of (or in addition to) just at the command prompt.