Node Hangman
Solo Developer
node & Javascript Constructors
13 Hours
Node Hangman

This week’s project returns to node programming, so there’s no deployment or GUI. The project requirements including creating a game of Hangman using exported JavaScript Constructors as the main drivers of the app. User input was required to be handled with the Inquirer package.

Before starting, I knew I wanted to pull movie titles from the OMDB API instead of creating an array of my own puzzles. Since this would be outside of the normal promise of Inquirer, I needed to make sure it loaded the returned data before moving forward with the code. I added a few fun messages while you wait.

To accomplish the goal of creating modular code that can be re-used, I was able to lift the Big Letters from the LIRI app and use them again here without editing any of the original code. I’m quite pleased with the results! Download the code below, and run it from a node command prompt. An Internet connection is required.

Server Side Node Application
Calls To External APIs
User Input Validation
Driven By Javascript Constructors
Deployed Project

Node Hangman is server-side only; no deployment available.

Code Repository
Deprecation Notice

This project has not been maintained since 2018 and might not be functional and/or secure.

Next Steps

I’m very pleased with the results of this app. I would like to find a way to load the movie title faster, or create a more entertaining & interactive way of waiting for it. I was going to have the user select a difficulty level, but it was only how many guesses they had, and it wasn’t effective. I tried changing the number of guesses based on the length of the puzzle, but it wasn’t consistently fair. I’d like to find a way to make that happen.