Star Wars: Duels Of The Masters
Solo Developer
jQuery, Bootstrap, & Dynamic Divs
26 Hours
Star Wars: Duels Of The Masters

Duels is my first project involving JavaScript Objects. Each character has its own set of attributes, images, and SFX files. The original project guidelines required a single attack button which the user would press until the opponent is defeated; I decided that wasn’t much fun and included exponential character growth, defense stats, and health packs.

After an introduction to sound effects in the last project, I included many custom SFX interactions for Duels. Each character has their own unique voiceovers, as well as unique lightsaber on & off sounds. In addition, certain characters deliver different lines depending on who they are fighting; for example, Luke has a special line when he defeats Obi-Wan, and Vader has a special line if you use a health pack against him.

I’m quite proud of how this project came out, especially since I had only been working with JavaScript for 4 weeks when this was completed!

JSON Objects
Twitter Bootstrap Grid Layout System
Scripted SFX & Ambient Music
Hidden Character Interactions
Star Wars: Duels Of The Masters
Star Wars: Duels Of The Masters
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Deprecation Notice

This project has not been maintained since 2018 and might not be functional and/or secure.

Next Steps

I would love to include a high score table to see who has the most health & unused health packs at the end. The game was designed to be modular, so I would be able to easily add additional characters and levels.

I would have also loved to create full body characters in the main divs once the avatars have been selected, and to make sure they are facing each other. Time constraints led to this exclusion.