Star Wars Trading Card Generator
Team Development
Git, AJAX, & Custom CSS
59 Hours
Star Wars Trading Card Generator

Before touching on the coding aspect, I’m quite happy with the graphic design work I was able to achieve with this project. My role included all graphics and images, other than those we imported from the GIPHY API.

Users can type their favorite Star Wars character, choose a template, and create an animated trading card! You can also view other cards created by other users, courtesy of our Google Firebase records. Only Star Wars characters will be recognized; other inputs will be disregarded.

As a team, we learned more about Git Branching than we did actual coding. Merge Conflicts were dealt with and improved over time.

Git Branch Management
Custom CSS Layered Layouts With Z-Index
AJAX Calls To External APIs
Firebase Records Storage
Star Wars Trading Card Generator
Star Wars Trading Card Generator
Next Steps

I’m not in love with the page UI design; I would create a new background and change the logo & displayed final card, as both take up a small, centered space with lots of empty white space to the sides. In the thumbnails, I would actually include the template over the resized image, but we ran out of time.

I would have also liked to include a bio instead of just the character’s stats, but the API we chose did not allow it. Perhaps more research time could find an API up to the task. I would also like to create a single image so the user can download their cards.