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Solo Developer
Node, MySQL , Sequelize, & Handlebars
21 Hours
Steve's Sliders

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This full stack Node JS app uses a basic MySQL database, Express for the server, and Handlebars as its template engine. I actually created this app twice: once with vanilla MySQL, then again using the Node Sequelize package.

The Sequelize version is also deployed on Heroku. GET, POST, and PUT calls are all handled via the Sequelize Node package. Files are organized in an MVC stack.

Updates are made by Ajax calls to the specified POST and PUT routes (found at

The page is styled with Bootstrap, Google Fonts, and additional custom CSS. Handlebars creates the front end using my designed HTML code with light jQuery for the form handling.

Full Stack Node Application
Handlebars Templating
MySQL Data Storage
Express Server Integration
Sequelize MySQL Handling
Deployed Project
Code Repository
Deprecation Notice

This project has not been maintained since 2018 and might not be functional and/or secure.

Next Steps

I would add a customer table so that customers can place orders and have total prices. I’d like to save the orders, so they can log in and select “Order The Same” to reorder the same set of items again with a single button. I’d also delete menu items at some point; adding the functionality would be extremely simple (with a simple DELETE SQL call), but it was outside the scope of this assignment.