Super Mario Hangman Quiz
Solo Developer
jQuery & Bootstrap
18 Hours
Super Mario Hangman Quiz

This represents the first interactive project I’ve ever created in JavaScript. It was an exercise in array manipulation, so the selected words were stored in a large array. In addition, I used dynamic arrays to hold the individual letters of the completed word, the player’s status showing how many letters have been correctly guessed, and another array of previously guessed letters.

For input validation, only letters are accepted; upper case and lower case are seen as the same. Typing a letter that has already been guessed won’t count against you.

When the project was completed, I was challenged to include sound effects. The results were so much fun, I decided to add sound effects to the next several projects in abundance!

JavaScript Keyboard Input Listeners
Twitter Bootstrap Grid Layout System
Dynamic Array Management
User Input Validation
Super Mario Hangman
Super Mario Hangman
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Deprecation Notice

This project has not been maintained since 2018 and might not be functional and/or secure.

Next Steps

The first thing I would implement next in this project is an on-screen keyboard, as there is currently no way for mobile or tablet players to play the game. Beyond that obvious addition, I would:

  • Expand the list of words exponentially
  • Create a file structure for external components
  • Allow users to create their own Nintendo-themed puzzles