VeggieTales Memory
Solo Developer
React, NodeJS
8 Hours
VeggieTales Memory

This is my first React app. The goal is to click on as many icons as possible without duplicating a result. With 12 icons, the maximum score is 12. The app stores high scores from your session, but the data does not persist and is not saved.

The main components I used were the header and the icon. I took stats from each character, imported the json array, and created icons using the .map function to pass the props to the Component.

The app’s tracked state includes the Icon component (whether “clicked” is true or false for each element), the current score, the high score, and the message (which will change from “Click A Veggie!” to “GAME OVER!”).

Created With React
Full Stack Node Application
Stateless and Stateful Components
Express Server Integration
VeggieTales Memory
VeggieTales Memory
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Deprecation Notice

This project has not been maintained since 2018 and might not be functional and/or secure.

Next Steps

I’m quite pleased with the results from my first React project. It functions as intended and looks nice. I would adjust the vertical spacing between the elements, animate the background, and add background music from the extensive VeggieTales library. I might also add additional graphics that really pop when the game is over and how to play, possibly in a modal. Finally, I would add some additional difficulty levels with more characters.